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10 Lessons Learned from building Engine Yard's Container Platform on Kubernetes

Containers on Kubernetes is the modern way of deploying, managing and scaling applications in the cloud. At Engine Yard, we’ve always built products that make it easy for developers to deploy applications in the cloud without developing cloud expertise - in other...
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Engine Yard Kontainers Is Now Generally Available

We are delighted to announce that the Engine Yard Kontainers is now LIVE.  Engine Yard Kontainers (EYK), is a fully managed container-based infrastructure to run your applications without building DevOps expertise. We introduced EYK in July 2020 as an alpha version....
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Engine Yard’s Evolution: Support for Containers

Cloud infrastructure has become elastic, agile, and resource-efficient over the past decade - particularly with containerization and the broad adoption of Docker and Kubernetes.
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Our Vision For Engine Yard

Engine Yard has always made it easy for you to deploy your applications to the cloud. Over years, the cloud has evolved. The cloud now is:
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