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EngineYard Wins Best SME Website (Large) at the Web Awards!

Left to right: Stephanie Francis, Ben Chapman, Brendan Hastings, and Chris Murphy at the Web Awards Oct. 22nd 2014. Photo credit: Ben Keenan.
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Distill Videos: Lightning Talks and Prompt Panel

We’ve let you see all the keynotes, the first half and the second half of day one, and the first half and second half of Day Two.

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Distill Videos: Day 2 - The Closing Half

An amazing Day One, an amazing Day Two morning…it was time to bring it home. The talks in the afternoon of Day Two of Distill were no less amazing than any previous.

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Distill Videos: Day 2 - The First Half

After an amazing Day One capped off by a party at NWBLK, everyone rested up nad returned to the Palace of Fine Arts in preparation for Distill 2014: Day Two.

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Distill Videos: Day 1 - The Afternoon

We’ve returned to bring you even more video content from Distill 2014. To review, we covered our keynotes and the first half of day one. Now let’s take a look at the rest of the first day.

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Distill Videos: Day 1 - The First Half

As we mentioned in our post on building Distill 2014, the core is always the speakers, the content. We are happy to be able to deliver that content in the form of videos.

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Kicking off Distill videos: The Keynotes

When we began planning Distill 2014, we knew content would be our core, starting with the keynotes. A keynote speaker, for all intents and purposes, can set the tone for each part of a conference. We knew we wanted to kick things off quickly and with a hard technical edge.

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Mirah - Where Java Meets Ruby

When presented with the idea of Mirah (a language based on the JVM languages but also borrowing heavily from Ruby) it would seem we are being given a more palatable, less enterprise way of looking at Java. Mirah hopes to eventually be a replacement for Java, though there is still a large amount of work to be done before reaching that goal.

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Distill 2014 - A conference in review

It came in with a roar and ended with…well, a different roar! This year’s Distill conference was a whirlwind of sites and sounds, technologies and philosophies, friends, food, and fun.

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Happy 10th Birthday Rails!

Picture it! Summer 2004! “Confessions Part II” by Usher is the number one song on the radio, Zach Braf’s “Garden State” has just been released in theaters, and James Patterson’s “Sam’s Letters to Jennifer” is atop the New York Times Bestsellers list. And amidst all this, a young developer in Chicago decided to open source a tool he was using to put Ruby on the web.

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