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Cloud in My Coffee - Episode 2 with Davey Shafik

As promised, it’s time for your monthly dose of “Cloud in My Coffee”, the monthly video series from the Engine Yard Community Team. This video series features interviews with many of the people that make Engine Yard what it is every day. From the “C” level executives...
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Life Beyond Rails 2: A Second Look at Alternate Web Frameworks for Ruby

A few weeks back, I took a brief look at alternate frameworks to Ruby, i.e. things that weren’t Rails. People seemed to like it. As a result of that post, several people got in touch to suggest a frameworks I may have overlooked. So I thought I’d do a follow up post...
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Migrating Your Rails App to Engine Yard

There are many reasons you might be thinking about moving your Rails app to Engine Yard. Perhaps you grew beyond the capacity of what that service can offer? Perhaps the current service abandoned Rails as a supported part of their service? Perhaps you realized managing...
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Announcing Engine Yard's New Monthly Video Series: Cloud in My Coffee

Looking for a way to kick off that first Monday of the month? Wondering what goes on internally at Engine Yard? Hoping to meet some shining new faces?
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Life Beyond Rails: A Brief Look at Alternate Web Frameworks for Ruby

Before we get started, let’s address the elephant in the room. Rails is great. It really is what you need for large scale production applications most of the time. It has history. And if you got started in Ruby working on the web, chances are Rails is what you are most...
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A Fast Blogging Solution: Building a Simple Jekyll Blog

A year or so back I was speaking at Cascadia Ruby and I met with a friend and colleague of mine, Gerlando Piro. He was at the conference to attend and give his first ever lightning talk. And in five minutes, my interest was piqued about Jekyll, a simple—very Ruby—way...
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It's raining gems! - How to build your own Ruby gem

If you’ve had a bit of experience in the Ruby programming language, you know the importance of gems in your work. Like the plugins that came before them, gems are mini-pieces of code used to perform specific duties without interfering with or becoming a direct part of...
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Engine Yard Sponsors Bundler

Open Source is at the heart of what we and our customers do here at Engine Yard. As a company that founded itself in the roots of the Ruby and Rails communities, we always find the best tools to help foster growth when it comes to building the best applications. In...
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Ruby Isn't Dead

Some might say 2014 has been a year of programming related death. TDD is dead. Agile is dead. The Framework is dead. If this keeps up, all of programming should be dead by about December 31st.
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Doing an API Mashup with Sinatra

In the Ruby world, Sinatra is often seen as a lightweight alternative to Rails. Many confuse competition with the concept of the right tool for the right job. As I mentioned in a previous post, Sinatra is often the superior choice when building a simple application to...
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