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How to Build Your Own Gem in Ruby

As the name implies, the Ruby programming language thrives thanks to the presence of gems. Like the plugins that came before them, gems are mini-pieces of code used to perform specific duties without interfering with or becoming a direct part of our code. The code...
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Why Ruby is Great for Startups

There’s always that critical moment for creative types, getting an idea to move from inside your head to the outside world, capturing it while it’s still fresh. It’s the same for app developers, taking a brilliant idea from vaporware to seismic game changer, from...
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RubyConf Round Up

The City: Los Angeles, California
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It's Almost Time For Ruby Conf 2018!

It’s autumn and November is right around the corner! We all know what this means…
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Top 5 reasons Not to miss Rails Conf

Every year, there is a gathering of developers, looking toward the future of a framework that nearly 15 years ago brought Ruby to the web. That gathering is Rails Conf, and the 2018 edition is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!
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Ruby Still isn't dead

A few years ago there was a whole lot of hubbub in various spots about Ruby being dead. Here we are, three years later, and the same arguments are being bandied about. Ruby is a programming language built for happiness - that’s the underlying principle. Why would a...
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A Look at Rails 5

From the start, Rails was praised for being the easiest way to get Ruby on the web. Not only has it solidified itself as the easiest option, it’s become the best. Since then, many other options have arrived, but Rails is still the de facto framework for Ruby...
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Life Beyond Rails: A Brief Look at Alternate Web Frameworks for Ruby

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Rails is great and is exactly what’s needed for large-scale production applications. It has history—and if you got started in Ruby working on the web, chances are Rails is what you’re most familiar with. All these things are a...
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Cloud in My Coffee - Episode 3 with Gabe Monroy

After a month hiatus, it’s time for your monthly dose of “Cloud in My Coffee”, the monthly video series from the Engine Yard Community Team. This video series features interviews with many of the people that make Engine Yard what it is every day. From the “C” level...
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Middleman: Static Sites Aren’t Just for Blogs

When working on a new language, framework, or toolset, we’re often working with an example that wants us to build a blog. While blogs are great and easy to build, they are a limited in scope, and it could be we’re looking to build a different sort of static site—one...
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