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How to Build Your Own Gem in Ruby

As the name implies, the Ruby programming language thrives thanks to the presence of gems. Like the plugins that came before them, gems are mini-pieces of code used to perform specific duties without interfering with or becoming a direct part of our code. The code...
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Why Ruby is Great for Startups

There’s always that critical moment for creative types, getting an idea to move from inside your head to the outside world, capturing it while it’s still fresh. It’s the same for app developers, taking a brilliant idea from vaporware to seismic game changer, from...
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Ezra Zygmuntowicz: In Memoriam

Update: please donate to the Ezra Zygmuntowicz Memorial Fund for his son Ryland. Nearly ten years ago, three great developers with a need to deploy Rails quickly and easily got together and created a company called Engine Yard. It was with heavy hearts that we received...
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