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Engine Yard Launches Platform Services Program with Over 40 Partners

Today we are very excited to launch our Platform Services program, aimed at formalizing and expanding our existing practice of integrating important partner technologies and services into the Engine Yard platform. There are many great companies out there whose offerings are highly complementary to our own and in high demand by our customers. The Platform Services program will make it easier for customers to find, learn about, and incorporate third-party services for the applications they deploy on Engine Yard Cloud.

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Faster Support, Better Documentation

As Tom recently mentioned, we’ve enhanced our support plans to provide all customers with a base level of support. As part of this change, we’ve opened up our ticketing system to all users. Everyone can now file tickets in the same place - spanning customers with Premium Support, those who have yet to decide on a support plan, and even users that have signed up for a free trial. Simplified access, combined with an increased focus on world-class documentation, allows us to provide more responsive and cohesive support for everyone.

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Ruby, the Cloud, and Open Standards

At Engine Yard we have always adhered to a strong belief that open, community-based innovation and standards are the future of computing. We created our platform around Ruby and Rails not just because of their substantial technical merits and open source roots, but also because of the vibrant community surrounding them. Our entire stack is open source, and where standards exist we adopt them. We are laser-focused on providing the best Platform-as-a-Service out there, runnable on multiple infrastructures and supporting the options our customers demand.

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The April 21 Amazon Disruption: Wrapping Up

On Friday, Amazon posted a detailed summary of the events and causes related to the April 21 service disruption. In short, a number of Elastic Block Store (“EBS”) volumes in one of the US East Availability Zones became unable to service read and write calls. Amazon EC2 compute instances (which are the basis of Engine Yard AppCloud instances) that tried to access the affected EBS volumes during the disruption became sluggish or frozen.

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AWS Multi-Region Support in Alpha

UPDATE: We’re happy to announce that as of May 13, 2011 all Engine Yard AppCloud customers now have access to Multi-Region. With Multi-Region you can deploy instances in any of the Amazon EC2 Regions, including US East, US West, Europe, Singapore, and Japan.

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A Personal Renaissance

I have that feeling I remember from the first day school each year, the excitement of everything renewed, the refreshing sense of a clean start, the giddy anticipation of a seemingly infinite range of completely new possibilities. In 20+ years of technology I’ve been around a few different blocks a few times each, and I am stoked to learn yet again that there is always something new to learn!

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