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If you made a Venn diagram of “Has CS Degree', “Has Acting Degree", and “Worked for Siegfried and Roy”, I’d be the only one in the middle.
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The Differences Between IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS (and when to use each)

Technology as a field is littered with acronyms. TLD, CPU, GUI, etc. And if you noticed that those acronyms all have three letters, we even have an acronym for Three Letter Acronym (TLA). However, some of the most prevalent acronyms in software these days are those for *aaS , the ubiquitous <Something> as a Service technologies that are dominating the landscape.

Companies large and small are using these services to accelerate product development, offload work, etc. The big three “as a service” options are: infrastructure, platform, and software. Let’s look at defining those three, along with what I’m going to call NaaS or “Nothing as a Service”, more on that later.

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You Cannot Win Engineering

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a fan of Saturday Night Live and improvisational theater. Improv looks chaotic and uncontrolled, but the best practitioners operate under strict rules that govern interactions between players. Some of the most successful entertainers today, people like Stephen Colbert and Tina Fey, directly credit what they have learned in improv with making them better at what they do both on and off screen.

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