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Here is a Thread Pool!

First, here’s a handy reference implementation of a thread pool in Ruby:
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Is My CDN Working? Announcing Fastly on Engine Yard

Fastly on Engine Yard CDN integration is a request we’ve been hearing from our customers at Engine Yard for a long time now. So we are proud to announce the immediately availability of Fastly as an Engine Yard Add-on.
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Introducing our New Add-ons Section

We are committed to helping you build and grow epic apps in every way possible. With hundreds of innovative companies out there building great services complementary to our platform, we want to make using those services as easy and seamless as possible.
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What happened to the Rails 4 Queue API?

The Queue API in Rails 4 is supposed to be an abstraction layer for background processing. It ships with a basic implementation, but developers are expected to swap out the default backend with something more production ready like Resque or Sidekiq. This...
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Be the Expert on Your Own Experience

There are dozens of tech conferences happening this year, and I’d like to encourage you to submit talks and proposals. Some of my colleagues have told me that they are disinclined to submit proposals because they feel like they lack expertise. This all-too-common...
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