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Announcing support for Amazon VPC

Back in 2009 AWS introduced VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) which allowed AWS resources to be provisioned in a more granular way. For example, you could choose the private IP address to associate with a particular instance through a network interface.

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Announcing New Regions!

2016 was a busy year for AWS, launching 3 new regions in the last quarter of the year. These regions are located in Central Canada (ca-central-1), Ohio (us-east-2), and London (eu-west-2). In order to provide our customers with the options that fit their needs the best, Engine Yard is happy to announce the immediate availability of these regions.

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Cloudwatch Metrics on Engine Yard

Since the introduction of T2 instance types from AWS, our customers have wanted a solution to see their compute credits. Monitoring this continuously changing metric, outside of our own platform, presented a lot of challenges to us. Luckily, AWS handles the brunt of this load for us through their CloudWatch service.

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Introducing Our New API

A public facing API has been a much requested feature of Engine Yard Cloud. We’ve had this feature available for quite a long time, but this API has a number of drawbacks. Some time ago, we decided that it was time for something new. We call it the Core API.

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