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Engine Yard Contest Challenge Phrase And Dictionary

We know you’ve all been working diligently and waiting, so here it is!
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Programming Contest! Win iPhone 3GS & $2,000 Cloud Credit

We’re kicking off a programming contest today that is sure to challenge even the most comp-sci heavy engineers out there, and we’re excited to see what you all come up with. With the difficulty of the challenge in mind, we’ve got some great prizes for the winner: an...
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Getting Started With JRuby

In the wake of our recent announcement of JRuby support, we have a guest post from Charlie Nutter of the JRuby team on getting starting with JRuby:
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Http Digest Auth: Vulnerability in Rails 2.3.1/2

If you are using Ruby on Rails 2.3.1 or 2.3.2, using http digest authentication and setting the username / password via hash, then you will be affected by this vulnerability. This vulnerability allows users to bypass http authentication without a valid password.
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5 Tips to Scale Your Ruby on Rails Application

There are lots of resources on the web that explain how to scale web applications and how to scale Rails. Here’s a quick summary of just five of the basic strategies for a scalable Ruby on Rails web application. Some of them are specific to Ruby on Rails; others...
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