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5 Ways to Level-Up Your Backbone.js Code

Backbone.js is nearing five years old, and yet it remains my framework of choice for client-side MVC applications. Its light footprint and easy extensibility have allowed it to adapt to changing best practices over the years.

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Mastering `this` in JavaScript

JavaScript developers—new and experienced—constantly rate the variable this as a major pain of the language. The this variable, which represents a function’s context, plays an important role in everyday JavaScript programming, so understanding how it works is critical. This blog post gives an overview of this and its many quirks and forms. We will lay out the four ways to set a function’s this value, as well as discuss some common use cases and pitfalls.

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Taming Asynchronous JavaScript with Async.js

JavaScript is often described as asynchronous, meaning that function calls and operations don’t block the main thread while they execute. This is true in some situations, but JavaScript runs in a single thread, and therefore has lots of synchronous components.

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