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Graph Kit for Ruby: Deployment with Graph Story and Engine Yard

Welcome to the third and final installment of the Graph Kit for Ruby post series. Part 1 kicked the series off with a brief look at the idea of a graph database and some description of the Spree online store I planned to enhance with a graph. Part 2 went in depth with...
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Graph Kit for Ruby: Bootstrapping a Spree Store and Integrating with Neo4j

Welcome to the second installment of the Graph Kit for Ruby series. In the first post I described the plan for the project — to showcase the ease of use and business value of graph databases in the context of a Ruby project. Today we’re digging into the implementation...
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Graph Kit for Ruby: Let’s Build a Recommendation Engine for a Spree Store

Hi there! My name is Daniel and I’m a consulting Ruby developer here in Memphis, Tennessee. The past year or two I’ve mostly focused on building online stores. At Graph Story’s invitation I recently set out to build a Ruby project demonstrating a simple yet valuable...
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