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How invokedynamic just might save dynamic languages on the JVM

If you work with any of the next generation of languages hosted on the JVM–Groovy, Clojure, Jython, or JRuby–you might not have heard of JSR223 and JSR292, but you owe these documents a debt of gratitude. These JSRs specify extensions to the JVM that make it a happier...
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ZOMG is this geek heaven?

So I’m checking out my slashdot feed (yeah, I’m old school like that - my ID is in the 160k range - not super ‘leet but certainly respectable) and what do I see in the slashdot poll: Engine Yard is listed as a choice in “What is your Favorite Cloud Platform”.
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__Too lazy to read this post, but want to snag the discount? __
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Describing the Engine Yard Service Philosophy

When it comes to hardware, it is easy to understand what you are getting with a hosting provider. Bits, bytes, RAM, and disk-space are just a few of the elements that one considers in an apples to apples comparison of one hosting company versus another. Service,...
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