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Christopher Rigor is a Senior Technical Evangelist at Engine Yard. He’s a long time Rails user, system administrator, and recently became a contributor of RailsInstaller. Previously, he was the DevOps Support Manager for Asia-Pacific at Engine Yard.
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Tips. Ruby for Rails: Hash

A hash in Ruby contains keys with corresponding values like {a: 1, b: 2}. Here the keys are :a and :b. The : tells you these are symbols. The hash above uses the new syntax of hash introduced in Ruby 2.0. If you see {:a => 1, :b => 2}, this is the same as the hash...
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DevOps Explained: A Day in the Life

If you have the letters “IT” in your job description, you have probably worked with programmers, web application developers, and DevOps experts, but have you ever wondered what it really takes to make a DevOps project successful? Here’s a brief primer on DevOps.
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Using Ruby 2.5.0 with Docker

Ruby 2.5.0 was released last Christmas and it's available through the usual places -- rvm , rbenv , chruby , homebrew. One tool I like to use is Docker.
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Ruby 2.5.0 New Features

   The Ruby team has a tradition of releasing new Ruby versions during Christmas. 2017 is no exception as they released Ruby 2.5.0. This is the first stable release of the Ruby 2.5 series.
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Using form_with vs form_for vs form_tag

Prior to Rails 5.1, Rails provided 2 form helpers, form_for and form_tag. You use form_for with a model and form_tag for custom URLs. Both generate HTML for a form. There are only a few minor differences so Rails 5.1 combined the two. You should now be using form_with.
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Tutorial on how to use Active Storage on Rails 5.2

Active Storage. This tutorial includes the actual code you can use to try out this feature.
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Rails Encrypted Credentials on Rails 5.2

Rails 5.1 introduced encrypted secrets, which gives you two places to put your secrets -- secrets. yml and secrets.yml.enc. This causes a bit of confusion on when you should use normal secrets or encrypted secrets.
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Encrypted Configuration on Rails 5.2

Credentials is a new feature on Rails 5.2 which replaces secrets and encrypted secrets. Under the hood Credentials use EncryptedConfiguration which you can reuse if you need to use encryption on other parts of your application.
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Application Load Balancer

Engine Yard announces support for Application Load Balancing. This new feature gives you the option to choose between a Classic Load Balancer and an Application Load Balancer.
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Auto Scaling

Engine Yard announces support for AWS Auto Scaling.
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