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Christopher Rigor is a Senior Technical Evangelist at Engine Yard. He’s a long time Rails user, system administrator, and recently became a contributor of RailsInstaller. Previously, he was the DevOps Support Manager for Asia-Pacific at Engine Yard.
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Ruby on Rails vs PHP

There’s more than one way to build a web application. No matter what type of application you are trying to create, your programmers have their preferred approach and their preferred code languages to accomplish the task. In the world of web applications, most program...
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PaaS Providers Must Evolve or Die

Technology changes almost as frequently as the latest fashion trend. What’s in vogue today will be out of favor tomorrow; some technologies will fade away while others morph into something new. One of the technologies currently going through a transformation is...
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5 Commercial Use Cases Continue to Prove the Value of Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails continues to gain popularity as an effective platform for developing web and cloud applications. Today, there are at least 865,472 business websites running on Ruby on Rails, and the number is growing. Ruby on Rails continues to gain momentum partly...
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What to Look for When Considering Application Hosting

Cloud computing has made hosting business-critical applications easier and less expensive. Application hosting makes deploying the resources you need easier and faster—without the overhead of additional hardware, software, and personnel. Once you decide to host your...
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Do we still need RVM Gemsets?

RVM or Ruby Version Manager allows you to install and manage Ruby environments. Similar tools are Rbenv and chruby. I previously wrote about installing these on a Mac here.
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Rails Encrypted Credentials Use AES 128-bit Key

Rails 5.2 introduces Credentials which replaces Secrets and Encrypted Secrets from previous Rails versions. I have previously written about Credentials for those of you wanting to know more.
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Using Rails and Vue JS, Part 1

Vue (pronounced as view) calls itself the progressive JavaScript framework. It is designed to be incrementally adoptable. You can use Vue to build user interfaces on a few pages or a few areas of an existing Rails view. You don't have to throw away existing...
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Pros and Cons of DevOps as a Service

It seems as though every component of business computing is being offered as a cloud-based service, including DevOps. The business advantages of using cloud services are obvious: You can rent computing resources rather than having to buy and manage them, and you can...
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Ajax on Rails with Unobtrusive JavaScript

This blog post is for Rails developers that want to use Ajax in their application using Unobtrusive JavaScript. This is divided into these parts:
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How to Install Ruby on a Mac with chruby, rbenv, or RVM

This is a post on installing Ruby on a Mac. This should work on recent MacOS versions - El Capitan, Sierra, and High Sierra. First of all, Ruby is already pre-installed on your Mac. However, the pre-installed version is a few versions behind so we'll look into the...
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