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Engine Yard Expands Support For Rubinius

I am very pleased to announce that Engine Yard is sponsoring Dirkjan Bussink of Critical Codes to work on Rubinius.
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Rubinius wants to help YOU make Ruby better

It is a great time to be a Rubyist. This year we have already seen IronRuby 1.0, JRuby 1.5, with Ruby 1.9 due to be released shortly. Ruby is simply becoming better and faster on every platform. And, wherever Ruby is, Rails is sure to be nearby. Rails 3 looks more...
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Improving the Rubinius Bytecode Compiler

The Rubinius bytecode compiler is the gateway to all the magic that makes your Ruby code run. As you probably know, the Rubinius virtual machine is a bytecode interpreter. The Rubinius JIT compiler also processes bytecode, converting it into native machine code....
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5 Things You'll Love About Rubinius

When working on a project, contributors are constantly re-evaluating the pitch: “how do I explain to someone why what I’m doing is interesting?” The Rubinius team is no different. It’s back to school season for a lot of you, so I’ve arranged my thoughts into a tidy...
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Rubinius: The Book Tour

This year continues to be a hot one for the Ruby programming language. The use of Ruby is growing, excitement is mounting for the release of Rails 3.0, and development of Ruby 1.9 and the alternative implementations is moving along quickly. It makes sense: bringing...
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What is RubySpec?

You might think that What is the meaning of life? is a tough question. But here’s one that will give it a run for its money: What is Ruby?
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