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Ben is a Colorado native and a third-generation programmer. In his past lives, he was an organic farmworker, gardener, and elementary school music teacher. He started programming at the Turing School, where he focused on Test-Driven Development, Single-Page Apps, and Service-Oriented Architecture. He lives in Boulder with his daughter Lumin and enjoys cooking, hiking, yoga, and making music. Ben tweets as @fluxusfrequency and works for Twitter
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Using Services to Keep Your Rails Controllers Clean and DRY

We’ve heard it again and again, like a nagging schoolmaster: Keep your Rails controllers skinny. Yeah, yeah, we understand. But that’s often easier said than done—because things get complex. And we need to talk to other parts of our codebase or to external APIs to get...
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Understanding Rack Apps and Middleware

Many web developers work on the highest levels of abstraction when we program. And sometimes it’s easy to take things for granted. Especially when we’re using Rails. Have you ever dug into the internals of how the request/response cycle works in Rails? I recently...
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Five Ruby Methods You Should Be Using

There’s something magical about the way that Ruby flows from your fingertips. Perhaps that’s why it was once said that “Ruby will teach you to express your ideas through a computer.” And it’s most likely the reason that Ruby has become such a popular choice for modern...
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Inline Styles: Yes or No?

Recently, a team I work with has been porting some existing tools written with JavaScript to a new codebase using ReactJS. We were discussing how we should handle styling, and one member suggested using inline styles.
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How To Clean Up Your JavaScript Build With Tree Shaking

The world of JavaScript development can be frustrating and exciting.
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Integrating React With Backbone

There are so many JS frameworks! It can get tiring to keep up to date with them all.
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Setting Up A Client-Side JavaScript Project With Gulp And Browserify

For JavaScript developers, it can be hard to keep up to date with the latest frameworks and libraries. It seems like every day there’s a new something.js to check out. The build process is no exception, so it’s worth re-evaluating your options every now and then.
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Serving Custom JSON From Your Rails API With ActiveModel::Serializers

These days, there are so many different choices when it comes to serving data from an API. You can build it in Node with ExpressJS, in Go with Martini, Clojure with Compojure, and many more. But in many cases, you just want to bring something to market as fast as you...
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Building A Ruby List Comprehension

As developers, we’re in the business of continually bettering ourselves. Part of that process is pushing ourselves to learn and use better code patterns, try new libraries, and pick up new languages. For me, the latest self-learning project has been picking up Python.
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Wrapping Your API In A Custom Ruby Gem

In the modern web, API-based projects are becoming the norm. Why? For one thing, APIs are necessary to serve Single Page Applications, which are all the rage right now. From a business standpoint, APIs give companies a new way to charge others for access to their data....
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