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Engine Yard Becomes Founding Corporate Sponsor of Ruby Together

All of the infrastructure used by Ruby developers today, including Bundler, RubyGems, and has been maintained and developed for many years entirely by volunteers. While it’s good that no one company controls resources shared by the community, it’s terrible...
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The New Rubygems Index Format

Note: Here’s another guest post from André Arko, who leads the Bundler core team and builds web applications for clients at Cloud City Development in San Francisco.
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Extreme Makeover: Rubygems Edition

Note: Our good friend André Arko, who also happens to be one of the maintainers of Bundler wrote this great post for us about the state of Rubygems. He is currently working with a grant from Ruby Central to make Rubygems awesome. Yay for community posts, and thanks...
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Hack your bundle for fun and profit

Note: Friend of Engine Yard André Arko, a member of Bundler core, wrote this insightful piece for us about little-known tricks in Bundler. Check out his own site here.
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Extending Rails 3 with Railties

This post comes from guest community contributor and Engine Yard alumni Andre Arko. Andre has been building web applications with Ruby and Rails for five years, and is a member of the Bundler core team. He works for Plex, tweets as @indirect, and blogs at...
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Homebrew: OS X''s Missing Package Manager

Managing software packages on Unix has always been, to put it politely, a giant pain, and most Linux distributions are built around the different ways we’ve all been trying to alleviate that pain. In this post, I’ll walk you through Homebrew, a fantastic new option for...
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