Announcement: Engine Yard Cloud Price Reduction

As many of you have heard, Amazon announced pricing changes this morning. Customers have been asking if Engine Yard pricing will be adjusted accordingly, so before you call your rep, here’s your answer!

Effective November 1st, we will be reducing the prices that we charge for instance hours in Engine Yard Cloud, passing through the announced price reduction in Amazon EC2 pricing. These prices will be in effect automatically for the November billing cycle. New and existing customers will not have to do anything to activate the new pricing, you will get the price reduction automatically starting with your November usage.

This table displays the current and new pricing for Engine Yard Cloud instance hours:

  Current Nov 1st
Small $0.160 0.145
Large 0.480 0.420
XL 0.900 0.780
High CPU Med 0.270 0.240
High CPU XL 0.900 0.780

Our main web-site and pricing pages will be updated on November 1st to reflect these new prices. As always, we’re here to address any questions or comments, and look forward to hearing from you!


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