Pioneering a new look for Distill



We have a whole new look and feel to the Distill conference site for 2014 and we’re very excited about it.

Distill 2014 will bring together builders, creators and pioneers of web and mobile technology, innovation and methodology. And this year, we decided the theme of the conference itself should be echoed in the design and aesthetic of the site. In keeping with the pioneering technology motif of the CFP and content, we created our own pioneers’ map of San Francisco; our version of the city is muddled with some internet themes that we frequently encounter. Be sure to poke around the site itself to see what we mean, we hope the chuckles will be worth it.

This year we’ll be bringing Distill to San Francisco, so you should expect lots of local flavor. Continuing with what we started last year, we’re working with small, local vendors to create a unique and memorable experience for all attendees.

If you’ve made a difference in the web or other technology field in the past couple of years, we want you to submit. We want to build a conference lineup filled with diversity, of people making incredible things in new and forward ways. Need some inspiration? Fear not, here’s a small (but totally incomplete) list of ideas:

  • Software development on innovative hardware platforms
  • Unique solutions to common problems with tools we use today
  • Hardware, software, and mobile integration
  • Tools for bringing people together who have difficulty connecting
  • New innovations using hardware and software and where these innovations will lead
  • Focusing on the artistic, creative side of design and development

Our Call for Papers is open until April 30th and we welcome submissions from anyone with something to teach, share, or inspire an audience of fellow developers, designers, thinkers, and innovators. So be sure to submit early and often!

Elaine Greenberg


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