January 24, 2014: This Week at Engine Yard

Mid-January and we’re pushing out a bunch of updates and improvements to our various stacks, with plans for a new Gentoo stack and Ubuntu stacks getting close to GA release. It’s a distro party!

Tasha Drew, Product Manager

Engineering Updates

We’ve pushed out updates to PostgreSQL 9.2 & 9.3 to address corruption and VACUUM bugs, updates to PHP to address CVE-2013-6420, Upgrades installed version of check_postgres.pl for proper support of newer PostgreSQL versions, Tuned sysctl for better performance under load, Fixes missing maintenance page for PHP apps, and more!

Check out the release notes for our regularly scheduled stack updates and associated docs!

Social Calendar (Come say hi!)

Friday, January 24th - Saturday, January 25th: Slava, Davey, and Noelle are Belgium bound for the sold-out 5th anniversary of PHPBenelux! If you’re attending, make sure to catch Davey’s presentation on PHP Performance on Friday at 6:20pm. We’ll also be running a sphero obstacle course at our booth where you can race against the clock and other attendees to win a sphero!

Articles of Interest

Google testified to Congress in strident terms against the concept of data localization, suggesting it would be impossible to actually achieve, and lead to the “Balkanization of the internet.”