January 17, 2014: This Week at Engine Yard

At Engine Yard, providing high end technical support is a critical (and wildly popular) part of our platform, and flows into the attitude of the entire company. We are dedicated to improving Support and providing an awesome experience every step of the way. All of our customers automatically receive standard support with our platform, meaning our worldwide team of support engineers are on hand to answer your questions and give technical aid during business hours. For production applications where uptime is critical, we offer 24x7 support plans and more. Read all about what you receive with your Engine Yard platform and Support!

Tasha Drew, Product Manager

Engineering Updates All status, all the time We launched status.engineyard.com, for a simple one-stop-shop customers can go to check the status of Engine Yard and related services.  It includes the current status of our IaaS providers, github, and our help desk, and is hosted on a separate service for maximum redundancy.  Check out Operations Manager supreme Jamie Miller’s announcement!

Platform Support Results

We have also tallied up our results from 2013 and found that we had a staggering 99% satisfied responses for all support tickets! We visualize the last 100 support critiques as happy or sad pandas on our webpage for all to see.  Having world class support is an integral part of our platform and we love customer feedback as it helps us improve and refine our product!

Social Calendar (Come say hi!)

Friday, January 24th - Saturday, January 25th: Slava, Davey, and Noelle are Belgium bound for the sold-out 5th anniversary of PHPBenelux! If you’re attending, make sure to catch Davey’s presentation on PHP Performance on Friday at 6:20pm. We’ll also be running a sphero obstacle course at our booth where you can race against the clock and other attendees to win a sphero!

Articles of Interest

If you’ve ever loved Doctor Who, check out this google maps link, and click on the double arrow.