May 10, 2013: This Week at Engine Yard

I’m heading to Ricon East with our lead data engineer, Ines, and dapper platform engineers Josh and Thom! Come say hi!

For our php friends, my counterpart, Josh Hamilton, will be at php[tek] with Davey and PJ, who would also enjoy a friendly “wassup!”

Tasha Drew, Product Manager

Engineering Updates

Application takeover preferences are now in Early Access. For customers who need a non-standard application takeover scenario, you can now select between boot-options, or disable entirely within the UI.

We have made great progress towards availability of provisioned IOPs on volumes for legacy instances (Riak clusters have had this feature for a while). We are making the feature available to customers in Limited Access this week. We do have some more work to do on improving the UX and providing documentation before making it more widely available – please open a ticket with support if you are interested in checking it out before its Early Access release.

Data Data Data

We continue to enhance the behavior of new Clusters. Rolling backups will be the way to permanently archive data stored in a Riak cluster.

Rolling backups extract data one node at a time while your cluster continues to server requests. You will be able to manage the extracted backup files from the UI and even see which nodes they came from!

Social Calendar (Come say hi!)

Monday May 13 - Tuesday May 14th: Engine Yard is sponsoring the lightning talks at Ricon East 2013! We will also have a bunch of people in attendance. Come say hi!

Tuesday May 14th - Friday May 17th: php[tek]!!! Davey Shafik will be giving a talk, and we will have a product manager and engineers on hand to join in the festivities.

Tuesday May 14th, San Francisco Office:Product Lover’s: PM Fast-Track: What do Product Managers really do?

Tuesday May 14th, Buffalo Office: WNY Ruby: May we all enjoy our Rubies!

Tuesday May 14th, Dublin, Ireland Office:Crafthouse #003: looking at the various ways in which we learn web design and investigate ways to improve upon them.

Wednesday May 15th, PDX Office: Coder Dojo PDX, K-12 Coder Night

Wednesday May 15th, Buffalo Office: Girl Develop It Meetup: Code & Coffee Night!

Thursday May 16th, Buffalo Office: Database Seminar, May is for MongoDB

Thursday May 16th - Friday May 17th:NodePDX

Thursday May 16th: Dublin, Ireland Office:UXPA Ireland: My favorite UX tool!

Articles of Interest

Did you miss Chef Conf? Check out all the videos here! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrmstJpucjzXNMLcI5X-EjirpDd-SITd3

The East Coast of the USA is about to overrun with billions of cicadas. Humans will be outnumbered approximately 600:1.

Davey Shafik does a dive into authentication choices he investigated as he built out the Distill website.