September 6, 2013: This Week at Engine Yard

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day! Here’s what we have been up to this week.

Tasha Drew, Product Manager Engineering Updates

The ability to specify an elastic IP for application slaves is now in GA and available to all our customers automatically. This feature allows you to assign an elastic IP address to an app slave instance directly from the dashboard. Customers may use this to create an IP whitelist for communicating with a gateway, or to maintain IP continuity if your app master goes down and the slave gets promoted. Read all about it here! Caveats: you need to boot a new application slave to have this option, and the option isn’t available when you’re initially creating an environment. Social Calendar (Come say hi!)

Sunday September 8th - Wednesday September 11th: Join Richard Watson on a mystery island in Ireland for this year’s NodeConf EU!

Thursday September 12th - Friday September 13th: Our support crew John Yerhot, Ralph Bankston, James Paterni, Will Luongo, and Kevin Phelps are all headed down to Chicago for Windy City Rails. Come say hi and join us at the after party on Thursday!

Saturday September 14th - Sunday September 15th: We’re thrilled to be sponsoring this year’s Barcelona Ruby Conf! See if you can spot Kevin and Slava for an Engine Yard t-shirt. Articles of Interest

Caltech’s Zdenek Maxa consolidates CERN’s architecture from a mixed Oracle and CouchDB environment to CouchDB-only, and blogs all about how it went.

Marek posits that “It ain’t about the callbacks – it’s about the flow control.”

Virgin Galactic had its second successful powered test flight! SpaceShipTwo broke the sound barrier, climbed up to 69,000 feet over the Mojave Desert, and descended using a tilt-wing “feathering” maneuver. SpaceShipTwo is designed to carry up to six passengers on flights.