October 4, 2013: This Week at Engine Yard

Calling all you Java lovers! If you are interested in gaining early access as we gear up to release Java on our platform, check out our Java page and sign up for early access! We will also send you a questionnaire about what you’d like in your optimal Java stack to help us prioritize development.

Tasha Drew, Product Manager

Engineering Updates

The one and only, developer extraordinaire Martin Emde has just cut a new release of the Engine Yard gem! You can check out the changelog in full, and Martin is working on a blog post going over the new features, but a couple highlights are:

  • New command ey init writes or updates an ey.yml configuration file to help users understand all the ey.yml options.
    • ey init is recommended for all applications to provide extra documentation in ey.yml.
  • New command ey servers -e env shows servers for a specified environment in a machine/user readable format.
  • ey ssh accepts new options -t and –each. Experimental option -L is also supported.

Social Calendar (Come say hi!)

Monday, October 7th - Thursday, October 10: PHP Community Engineer Davey Shafik will be joining Edward Chiu, Carsten Puls, and Noelle Daley at ZendCon in Santa Clara. Be sure to check out Davey’s talk on MySQL HA, Recovery and Load Balancing!

Wednesday, October 9th: PJ Hagerty will be hosting Lightning Talks this year at Rails Israel 2013, the biggest Ruby on Rails conference in the Middle East.

Articles of Interest

In addition to Twitter filing documents for their potential IPO, there is other Twitter news: founder Jack Dorsey has been tweeting back and forth with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani! Observers wonder if this could be a sign that Iran’s social media ban may be lifted soon.

The NYT investigates the current flirtations between Big Agriculture and Big Data.