October 18, 2013: This Week at Engine Yard

Happy Ada Lovelace Day! (A day or two late, but as people who know me know, I like to keep most celebrations going for at least a week). Did you know that one of the first programmers was a woman? “She was the daughter of Lord Byron, the poet, who split from her mother shortly after her birth. Her mother encouraged her to pursue math to counter her father’s “dangerous poetic tendencies,” according to the University of California, San Diego.” (NYT)

Tasha Drew, Product Manager Engineering Updates

Engine Yard has Java live! Developers can deploy Java applications and services on an Engine Yard-curated stack, with component choices for JVM, application server, load balancer and database running on an Ubuntu­-based (12.04 LTS) Linux distribution.

It’s currently a private release while we get customer feedback and enhance it. If you’d like to try it out, sign up on our Java landing page and our redoubtable product manager Richard Watson will reach out to you via email to get you set up!

Our documentation will help you to deploy your first Java application on Engine Yard. If you have feature requests or questions, add them to the forums.

Social Calendar (Come say hi!)

Friday, October 18th: Lead data engineer extraordinaire and Frenet enthusiast Ines Sombra will be speaking at All Your Base Conf in Oxford, England, about Data Antipatterns!

Monday, October 21st - Tuesday, October 22nd: The folks from Engine Yard PDX are headed to Cascadia Ruby! Make sure to catch PJ Hagerty’s talk on Coding and the Mozart Effect at 4:15pm on Monday.

Tuesday, October 22nd: Join us at our Dublin office for the Dublin Scala User Group, where we’ll be discussing Self-types and DSL Design in Scala.

Thursday, October 24th - Friday, October 25th: We’re super excited to sponsor New Relic’s FutureStack this year! We’ll be sponsoring the Closing Happy Hour on Friday – be sure to say hi to Karishma and Elaine from our marketing team.

Friday, October 25th: Our very own VP Developers³, Eamon Leonard, will be in London keynoting for Day 2 of the Future of Web Apps conference.

Articles of Interest

Rubinius maintainer and all around awesome person Brian Shirai announces “the Parisian Release” and Rubinius 2.1.0 today!