May 3, 2013: This Week at Engine Yard

We’ve finalized some major under-the-hood upgrades at Engine Yard this week that should start showing themselves in public facing features within the next few months! In the meantime, this is what you can actively check out.

Tasha Drew, Product Manager

Engineering Updates

Improvements to ELB handling are live and in production! Updates include better error handling for a smoother integration and experience.

We have removed Passenger 2 as an option for customers booting new environments because it’s really old. Any customers with an environment assigned to the Passenger 2 application server stack has the feature flag enabled and will continue to see it as an option. You are also encouraged to upgrade for all the awesome benefits of Passenger 3. Engine Yard Cloud customers can now file tickets directly through the Cloud dashboard.

We had a bunch of other minor bumps you can read about in our release notes.

Data Data Data

Riak has been bumped to 1.3.1 as it reaches the last few weeks of its early access phase!

Social Calendar (Come say hi!)

Tuesday, May 7th: Engine Yard’s Dublin, Ireland office will be hosting the second Postgres User Group meetup with Greg Stark, a long-time Postgres contributor and committer as the speaker.

Thursday, May 9th: Coder Dojo in PDX continues to plan how to help teach kids and their parents about how to learn about and explore coding and software. Everyone is encouraged to grab a laptop and jump in! Thursday, May 9th: Pub Standards in Dublin, Ireland welcomes any and all in-town developers, designers, founders, and people-who-like-to-build-stuff to stop by the Bull & Castle for a beer and a chat.

Articles of Interest

Pricing updates went live, and customers can expect to take advantage of reduced instance pricing on their April bill!

Our friends at TMX posted a thoughtful piece, “In Search of Software Quality.”

Pacific Coast Support team lead and all around awesome guy Ralph Bankston (who sadly has no twitter handle for me to link to) has gone in-depth about how to troubleshoot cron jobs.