July 19, 2013: This Week at Engine Yard

This week we made our store approval submission to have Engine Yard PaaS available for purchase within the Microsoft Azure Store! We’re on track to have it available for you to check out on July 31st. Excitement!

Tasha Drew, Product Manager

Engineering Updates

A collaboration between our data science team and our security team, led by the renowned David Coallier and the redoubtable Michael Brodhead, has built a fraud detection system that has operationalized the process of finding fraudulent uses of our platform – detecting botnet members, torrent sites, illegal content sites, and more. This system shuts down fraud and also saves our support team from spending time on non-customer issues. As more systems are designed to exploit cloud based infrastructure, this system will only become more critical. We are excited to see more from this team going forward!

Would you like to be able to apply changes on a single instance instead of at the environment level? We wrote a feature for you! It’s in early access because we aren’t sure how many customers would like this ability – so comment in our forums if this is something you like and think we should GA!

Social Calendar (Come say hi!)

Lonestar Ruby: July 18-20, Austin, TX. A conference about community, design, and change in Ruby. Engine Yard’s own J. Austin Hughey will be speaking and Kelsey Schimmelman will be hanging out too!

OSCON: July 22-26, Portland, OR. OSCON has been the gathering place for the entire open source community. It’s where all the pieces of the open platform come together. Our own Jim Lindley and Wilson Bilkovich will be there as well.

Girl Develop It: July 23, Buffalo, NY. Javascript/JQuery class. Learn how to beginning and start creating interactive sites. We will be covering basic JavaScript, the JQuery library, dynamic HTML, JSON and APIs.

Articles of Interest Let’s crush some entropy! Instruction manual provided by rands in repose (by Michael Lopp, who is of course a Distill speaker!).

Ready a step up from nodecopters? Now you can hack a Mercedes for about $25. Although I’m not sure you can get the Mercedes to moustachify anyone.