July 12, 2013: This Week at Engine Yard

Engine Yard’s developer conference Distill, devoted to the exploration of best practices and new technologies currently on the rise in software development has just published its full schedule! Check it out here. Along with stellar content, attendees will have an unforgettable time picnicking, playing games and enjoying local delicacies and libations. Hope to see you there!

Tasha Drew, Product Manager

Engineering Updates

Our sprint teams are continuing to work on a variety of projects that will benefit all customers including new Ruby clusters, new mySQL clusters, new load balancing clusters, Ubuntu images as an option and more. For our Windows Azure launch at the end of this month, we are working on an ongoing SSO project and Ruby SDK. We are also planning to move some cloud enhancements into GA and EA next week, including some helpful tools for snapshot management and adding granularity to hitting the apply button on a per-instance basis, instead of per-environment.

Figuring out when to use PaaS instead of IaaS? Check out our awesome new video!

Social Calendar (Come say hi!)

Lonestar Ruby: July 18-20, Austin, TX. A conference about community, design, and change in Ruby. Engine Yard’s own J. Austin Hughey will be speaking!

Fireside for Founders: July 17, Dublin, Ireland. The theme of the conversation will be “Breaking out of Ireland”. How can Irish startups prepare for and execute in foreign markets, raise investment abroad, and leverage a global network? Members of the panel will include John Dillon, CEO of Engine Yard, Paddy Flynn of Google, Mark Little of Storyful, and Conor Murphy of Datahug.

Open Data Ireland: July 18, Dublin Ireland. The theme of this week’s meetup is “local government.” Speakers include Jason Har, Gar Mac Criost and Pauline Sargent.

Girl Develop It: July 16 and 18, Buffalo, NY. Javascript/JQuery class. Learn how to beginning and start creating interactive sites. We will be covering basic JavaScript, the JQuery library, dynamic HTML, JSON and APIs

Articles of Interest

Read all about laziness (or demand driven execution) in Michael R Bernste’s latest blog. Ben Ramsey does a comprehensive and informative write up on how community members can contribute to PHP core.