August 9, 2013: This Week at Engine Yard

We had our first conference, Distill, this week! It was a tremendously fun success and thank you to everyone who attended and spoke and helped us make it an event to remember. Check out #distill13 for the backchannel!

Tasha Drew, Product Manager

Engineering Updates

Engine Yard platform services are now available on Windows Azure! This was a huge win for us and a fantastic demonstration of our highly adaptable provisioning system and some of our next generation cluster model offerings (Ruby servers, mySQL, HAProxy, all running on Ubuntu).

Social Calendar (Come say hi!)

Thursday, August 15th, online: Check out our webcast on how to get started with PHP on Engine Yard!

Articles of Interest

Flyclops’ Dave Martorana tells the story behind hitting the wall on a massive mySQL database, and how he and his team moved to NoSQL and Riak as a result. At Distill this week, Ed Finkler discussed open-sourcing mental illness, and pulling back the veil and encouraging open communication of the challenges non-neuronormative people face in their daily lives. Read more about his movement and inspiration here.