August 30, 2013: This Week at Engine Yard

Labor Day is here! Hide those white shoes from the fashionistas, and check out what we shipped this week!

Tasha Drew, Product Manager Engineering Updates

Our data team has collaborated with the platform team to release a new feature for locking minor database versioning policies. If you upgrade to the latest stack, you can select whether or not to lock your database’s minor version. This allows you to control whether or not minor database upgrades happen automatically when you upgrade your Engine Yard stack. If you keep the policy to “locked,” then you will only receive minor version updates when you proactively choose to. “Unlocked” databases receive the updates automatically with each stack update.

Read all about our database versioning policies here! Social Calendar (Come say hi!)

Tuesday September 3rd: Come hang out at our Dublin HQ for the Irish Postgres User Group Meetup! Mingle with other Postgres backend developers and enjoy beer on us. Visit the Meetup page for more details. Articles of Interest

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