August 23, 2013: This Week at Engine Yard

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s what we’ve released this week.

Tasha Drew, Product Manager

Engineering Updates

PHP applications on Engine Yard now have New Relic support! Standard New Relic support is free with all Engine Yard accounts – read all about it in Noah’s blog.

Our intrepid lead data engineer, Ines Sombra, announced our first sponsorship of an open source data project! We are delighted to announce our support of the work that Oleg Bartunov, Teodor Sigaev, and Alexander Korotkov are doing to improve JSON support and full text search performance in PostgreSQL.

Social Calendar (Come say hi!)

Friday August 23rd - Saturday August 24th: Come visit Elaine Greenberg in our booth at Madison Ruby Conf!

Thursday August 29th - Friday August 30th: Engine Yard is excited to host this year’s PHP: The Undiscovered Country at our headquarters in San Francisco. If you haven’t already, grab your tickets now!

Articles of Interest Is it time to embed twitter even more deeply into your decor? How about a twitter ticker tape!