August 16, 2013: This Week at Engine Yard

Mid-summer in San Francisco (and Portland, Buffalo, Dublin, and Tokyo, or so I hear). Our engineering teams are working on a dizzying array of products and feature enhancements. Here’s a roundup of some of what we pushed out this week. Enjoy! –Tasha Drew, Product Manager

Engineering Updates

Engine Yard has a feature requests forum that I (Tasha) personally monitor on a daily basis. If you make your case for a feature request or enhancement, I will see if our engineering team can make it happen. One of our most-requested features within that forum has been the ability to attach IP addresses to application slaves from the dashboard, which is now in Early Access.

This new feature allows you to assign an elastic IP address to an app slave instance directly from the dashboard. Customers may use this to create an IP whitelist for communicating with a gateway, or to maintain IP continuity if your app master goes down and the slave gets promoted.

For more information, check out the docs!

Other news this week: as a reminder, the Orchestra PHP Cloud EOL is approaching soon: August 30, 2013. We have PHP on Engine Yard now, so if you’re on Orchestra check out our migration documentation. If you have any questions or need any help, open a Support ticket! Our fiercely productive lead data engineer has pushed out Riak 1.4.1 (Release Notes), so customers can take full advantage of the latest and greatest that Basho has to offer.

Additionally, there have been some updates to Database Master behavior. DB Masters now have enhanced logging, UI links to promotion logs, replaced masters no longer accept writes, and more instrumentation is there to help diagnose any problems in promotions.

Social Calendar (Come say hi!) Friday August 16 - Sunday August 18: Globe trotting Davey Shafik and new marketing coordinator extraordinaire Noelle Daley will be exhibiting and attending NEPHP in Boston! Engine Yard is also a proud sponsor.

Friday August 16 - Saturday August 17: The always excitable PJ Hagerty will be attending Steel City Ruby. He is very happy to chat PaaS, Engine Yard, and tech – either normally, or via an epic karaoke session (to the tune of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody).

Wednesday August 21st: PDX Engine Yard Office: Coder Dojo PDX invites youth ages K-12 and their parents to come and learn to code! Get tickets and more info here.

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