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We're pleased to announce the general availability of PHP 5.4 for basic and elastic apps running on Orchestra PHP Cloud .

We are committed to keeping your apps running on the latest and greatest version of PHP. After careful lab testing, we'll upgrade your apps as newer versions of PHP become available.

What if you're still using PHP 5.3? Don't worry, Orchestra PHP Cloud will continue to maintain its PHP 5.3 stack. You will be able to choose which version of PHP you would like to use when you launch a new app. PHP 5.4 is now the default for new applications.

We're excited to be offering this functionality and even more excited about the new features and enhancements in PHP 5.4. To learn more, please visit our documentation.

If you'd like to learn more about PHP 5.4 you can see Davey Shafik, one of our engineers introducing all of the new PHP 5.4 features at PHP UK earlier this year:



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