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Whether you work in mobile, web or in the real world, gamification is quickly becoming one of the hottest ways to engage customers and users. "Hard-Working Games” can motivate movers, shakers, and players of all stripes. But learning the shoots and ladders of the gamification process can be challenging. Discovering how to properly position and execute your game is crucial to its success, as well as for the success of its players. It's also important to acknowledge the limits and stumbling blocks of the process. Luckily, we're here to help. Join us on Thursday July 26th at the Standard Hotel on South Flower Street in Los Angeles for a special gaming workshop where we'll walk you through how to gamify your app and learn how other companies implement this technique. You'll also get to meet a bunch of decision makers, entrepreneurs, marketers, among others. Sign up for this free event here. See you there!


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