CodeWorks- The Traveling PHP Conference

It’s that time of year again, when the php|architect folks take their popular PHP conference on the road and bring it to you! We love this idea and are thrilled to be the primary sponsor of this series of events. We realize that not everybody has a conference travel budget, or the time and ability to travel to a PHP conference. A conference like this makes it much easier for people to attend, both in time and travel cost. Speaking of cost, where else can you get a full day of PHP training for as low as $20?!

The conference will be hitting 10 cities total:

  • [Buffalo](
  • [Philadelphia](
  • [Cincinnati](
  • [Atlanta](
  • [Boca Raton](
  • [Madison](
  • [Memphis](
  • [Dallas](
  • [Denver](
  • [Los Angeles](

If you’re in and around these areas, you can help us spread the word, and we hope that you’ll be there. We will be at each venue and we’d love to see you!

For more information about the conference, we encourage you to visit the CodeWorks site, or read their blog announcement.