fog 1.0 is here!

Many good things in life take longer than expected but in the end are well worth the wait. With the release of fog 1.0 we have a shining example. Begun in mid-2009 and with more than 2 years in production usage at Engine Yard, fog has seen 240,000 downloads. This is definitely a rock-solid 1.0 that has seen some real battle testing!

fog is a Ruby gem that allows you to control a number of cloud infrastructure services through a common API. fog provides the basis for building applications and cloud platforms that are infrastructure-independent, abstracting such functions as spinning up servers, connecting storage, managing DNS, etc. Internally, fog uses models to represent cloud structures analogously to the way ActiveRecord represents relational structures. Using fog makes your application or platform much more easily portable across infrastructures such as Amazon, Rackspace, and many others.

In addition to Engine Yard, fog is in use at other platform providers as well as in many core community projects such as Chef, Puppet, CarrierWave, and Paperclip. fog now supports 18 compute, 5 storage, 9 DNS, 2 CDN, and a variety of other infrastructure services. With 13 core committers, 121 contributors, and nearly 1,500 watchers, we’re seeing really nice growth in participation and attention.

We believe that this release of fog is a really important step in making the cloud an easier and more powerful environment for developers to run great apps. We hope you’ll give it a try, share your feedback, spread the word, and (most importantly) enjoy some great success with fog.

Get fog with a simple gem install fog. Read docs at, or grab source off GitHub at geemus/fog. Happy fogging!