Engine Yard Cloud Out Loud S01E18: Bleacher Report

This week on Cloud Out Loud we talk with Tung Nguyen of Bleacher Report. Here's an overview of what we cover:

1:24 What is Bleacher Report? 1:55 Growing from 50k to 18 million uniques/month 2:25 Performance optimization/monitoring tools 2:56 Their Ruby on Rails performance review 3:22 Recommendation to upgrade to Ruby Enterprise Edition 3:29 What REE is and why it's important 7:06 Future plans to upgrade to Rails 3 10:00 Fatherhood and learning to hold your newborn while typing with one hand 10:47 Closing: tearful goodbye 11:42 Outro: Partnerpedia Ruby/Rails Job, Matt Aimonetti podcast coming next week

On a side note, we've decided to phase out blog posts announcing new podcasts. We'll keep releasing podcasts--we just won't be blogging about them here. To find out about new podcasts as they're released each week Friday, you can follow @engineyard, or subscribe to Cloud Out Loud on iTunes, or by RSS.

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