Engine Yard CLI Now Open Source

Engine Yard has a long history with open source software. We have supported many big name projects over the years including Merb, Ruby 1.8.6, Rubinius, JRuby, and Rails. In addition to these larger projects, we also strive to open source internal technology that benefits the community as a whole. These projects are usually less well known, but we’d like to fix that.

Today we are announcing that the Engine Yard command line client is fully open sourced.

First, we have developed a new deployment tool that runs on the instance that is being deployed to. This code runs when you deploy from the command line, and will soon be the default for deploying from the dashboard. The code is available at engineyard-serverside.

The second component is the engineyard gem itself, a client library for our dashboard API. It is primarily used for managing custom recipes and deployment, but it will continue to expand over time. This code is available at engineyard.

The Engine Yard CLI was announced last month and we have a complete overview on the blog. This new deployment system separates the deployment of your code, and the configuration of your cluster. This allows code to be deployed without any fear of incompatible configuration, and allows configuration changes to your server when the time is right for you. We provide even more flexibility through simple hooks into the deployment process, allowing you to completely override the way deployments happen. You can read about these and other features in greater detail in our recently revamped documentation site

Please feel free to send pull requests and file any bugs or feature requests using Github Issues.