10 Reasons to Attend Ruby Conf 2017

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Engine Yard has been dedicated to being part of the Ruby community from the beginning. Being community members means being a part of great events, and Ruby Conf 2017 is no exception.

Engine Yard has been part of the Ruby community from the start. We want to help with a 10% discount on the ticket price. We also have special offer on top of that, saving you up to $1,395 a month. A RetroPi Raspberry Tetris game at our booth, the winner will get the kit + a TV and much more.

The night of the 15th

We are inviting our clients to a Cooking Class and Cocktail Tour in the French Quarter.

The night of the 16th

Karaoke party - Drinks are on us!! 

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 The reasons for heading to an event like Ruby Conf should be obvious...but just in case you need a few reminders...here are Engine Yard’s Top 10 Reasons to Head to Ruby Conf!!

 10: Great Talks

Every conference starts with great content, and Ruby Conf 2017 is no exception. Whether you’re looking to learn more about tools like Bundler or MRI, or looking for tips and tricks on how to make Ruby work better for you, you will not be disappointed!

9: The Hallway Track

Meeting new people is one of the reasons for heading to a conference in the first place. With a mix of new developers, old pros, and the people who build the tools every day, Ruby Conf offers an opportunity to mix and mingle, and more importantly to learn and share the knowledge you have. It all happens in the hallway!

8: The Return of Chad Fowler

From the beginning, there was a person working hard to bring the community together under one roof. Chad has been there through it all from the beginning - sometimes just as a cut-out - but this year we get to see him in person! Be sure to find Chad and give him a big welcome back! If we’re lucky, he’ll bring a saxophone.

7: Hallway Hacking

Ruby Conf is always a great opportunity to take the inspiration from a talk and head to the hallway and practice those skills. There will be cozy spaces to get working on those new found skills!

6: Matz’s Keynote

Every Ruby conf is special because we are able to get the latest on what’s happening with the language that makes us happier coders. Matz’s annual keynote signifies the consistent onward movement of Ruby as an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to modern application development.

5: Ruby Karaoke

No Ruby Conf would be complete without Ruby Karaoke!! Engine Yard will be helping out and details will be coming soon! Keep an eye on the #rubykaraoke

4: Sandi Metz

From one of the best coders around to an amazing author and teacher, Sandi Metz will be there to share her knowledge. Never to be missed, Sandi will be keynoting and sharing her wisdom with all of the attendees!

3: All The Amazing Attendees

The Ruby community is well known as one of the most open and welcoming of Open Source communities. You’ll have the chance to meet new people, make new friends, and maybe find someone to pair with on your next big project!

2: The Engine Yard Booth

This year at Ruby Conf we’ll be hanging out in the vendor area, playing some games, and talking about how everything we build is for the benefit of the community we love: THE RUBY COMMUNITY! Come learn what’s new, what Engine Yard has been working on, and grab a t-shirt. Help us to help you - share some info on what we can do to make your deployments even better and meet our Support team members!

In addition - enter our contest to win a RetroPi setup with TV! Play a bit of Tetris and the highest Score wins!!

1: New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the greatest cities in the United States. Combining history, a recent rebuilding, and all the nightlife anyone would want, New Orleans is the crown jewel of the South. Whether you are looking for great jazz, fancy drinks, to take in some great locales like Jackson Square, or just to sit and watch the boats on the delta of the Mississippi, New Orleans is your town.

Ruby Conf 2017 proves to be the best event in years - so don’t miss it! Tickets are still available, so we’ll see you there!

New Orleans - Hilton River Side November 15 - 17,  2017


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