Did you know? T2 instances on Engine Yard

This is the second in a series of short blog posts, intended to let you in on a little bit of knowledge about the Engine Yard platform that you might not have known. Engine Yard has a number of features and functions that many of our clients don’t know about, many of which can provide vast benefit.

One major concern from companies thinking of using an application management platform or moving to the cloud in general is that of cost. Many companies are just getting off the ground or starting small, and don’t have any major capital. Unfortunately, when it comes to cloud providers, you don’t want to scrimp. Applications for these small startups are the lifeblood of the business, and need to be functioning optimally at all times; downtime means lost customers or revenue. Not helping any of this is the common misconception from many small companies that moving to the cloud by way of a platform provider is quite expensive.

Luckily, and quite to the contrary of this expensive cost argument, many cloud providers have low-cost initial entry points. Engine Yard is one of these providers, and allows access to the incredibly cost-effective T2 generation of instances. These instances are quite robust for the price, allowing small applications the power and resources they need to handle a good bit of traffic. The T2 generation of AWS instances are great for lowering the barrier to entry into the cloud and application management platforms, which could mean sinking or swimming for a small startup. There are numerous reasons why you’d want to use any application management platform when starting out; faster go-to-market, agile and no-downtime deploys, rapid scaling, more time to develop your app, and of course on-call support.

The best part of this low barrier to entry is that all instances and environments come with the battle-tested support offered by Engine Yard, regardless of size. The support staff at Engine Yard is world-class, and effectively becomes another member of your team. Not only does this mean smaller companies don’t need to have a System Administrator on staff, but they can also rely on our support engineers for any issues, problems, questions, concerns, best practices, or just advice in general.

By leveraging all of the instance types offered by AWS, Engine Yard offers a size and cost for every type of company or use. If you’re interested in finding out how to use the T2 instances or have questions in general, please send an email to customersuccess@engineyard.com.

About Will Adams

Will Adams is a Customer Success Manager with Engine Yard.