We’ll See You at RubyConf

We’ll see you at RubyConf

Calling all Ruby enthusiasts! Calling all Ruby enthusiasts! Engine Yard will be at RubyConf 2015 in San Antonio, and we are looking forward to seeing you. It’s been so long? My how you’ve grown. Us? Oh we’ve been great! We’ve been working hard to improve the Engine Yard cloud platform to make it easier to deploy and more feature rich. Engine Yard has always had a strong history of working within the open source community, be it supporting great ruby applications, contributing to open source projects, or investing in new open source technologies, like Deis.

We are focusing on bringing some new features to the Engine Yard platform, some that have just been released and some that are in the pipeline. We’ve integrated our Bring Your Own Credentials system to Engine Yard Cloud, enabling customers to connect their own AWS account while still being able to use the simplicity and ease of the Engine Yard platform. Got AWS credits? Bring your own credentials! Getting a better deal on AWS instances? Bring your own credentials! Want to use AWS free tier but still have the simplicity of deploying in minutes? Bring your own credentials!

Another feature we are bringing to Engine Yard Cloud is the idea of environment blueprints. With blueprints you’ll be able to quickly spin up a replicable environment blueprint that can be easily used for AB testing or in case of a catastrophic failure, simply select the blueprint and your environment will start rebuilding as it was.

Engine Yard is also bringing per environment support and updated stacks to the Engine Yard platform later this year. Allowing our customers to get the premium support they need for their critical environments while saving on their development environments. As well as updates to our tech stacks to bring new stable version updates for our customers.

So, if you happen to be attending RubyConf, swing by the booth to check out some of our swag. We’ll have some really sweet old school shirts, koozies, and some special stuff for our dedicated Engine Yard customers. Including high-fives, because who can pass those up?! Myself, support members, and engineers will be attending RubyConf, so stop by our booth and say hi, grab a t-shirt, or let us know what you’d like to see in the future. Here’s to another great RubyConf!

May all your deploys be green.

About Bryan Mason

Bryan Mason has been a Deployment Engineer at Engine Yard for the past two years helping customers get their applications set up and cut over during their on boarding process. Prior to Engine Yard he worked as a help desk manager for Winston Retail Solutions, a small retail merchandising firm in San Francisco. He’s an active guitar player, linux user, and swimmer.