Ninefold Customers, Welcome to Engine Yard!

Since our founding in 2006, Engine Yard has been a stalwart supporter of Ruby on Rails. Over the years we have supported the Bundler, RVM, JRuby and Merb efforts. We continue to move forward with new initiatives to bring Ruby on Rails to a production container.

Our blood is Ruby Red.

As other vendors have transitioned their businesses away from native Ruby on Rails, we are pleased to welcome those who have been left behind to the Engine Yard community.

Ninefold has announced that they will be no longer be supporting their native hosted Ruby customers. Engine Yard stands ready to provide our industry leading platform, migration assistance, and coached deployments of your application today. Our team of support and service engineers will personally assist you in bringing up your application.

As technologies change and evolve, Engine Yard will continue to support you running your applications your way.

Our primary focus is on your success.

We are dedicated to supporting your most critical apps with a platform and a team of professionals who are the best in the business. With real-time customer satisfaction that is consistently at 98% or better, we back up those words publicly with proven results.

To get started, come over to our Ninefold customer page and join us.

We’re standing by to help.

About Beau Vrolyk

Beau Vrolyk, Engine Yard CEO, has over 35 years experience as a senior executive of a number of technology firms and as a venture and private equity investor.