July 11, 2014: This Week at Engine Yard

Engine Yard’s developer conference, #Distill14 is less than a month away, and we are so excited! Hope to see you there!

Tasha Drew, Product Manager

Engineering Updates

Have you taken a look at your Accounts page lately? It has some useful information for you to manage the resources in your account. You can navigate there on your dashboard by going to Account » Account Settings.

There are some features here to help you manage your billing, upgrade your Support plan, but the piece I wanted to highlight is how to check out your IaaS usage.

AWS Usage

This table shows you every available region, how many snapshots you are storing, how many IPs and Instances you have in each region – but it also shows you your account limits, which are important for when you are working on growing your application. If you are getting close to your instance or IP limit, or you are anticipating a large event that requires scaling over these limits, open a support ticket so we can help you out!

Additionally, there is a new column here, “VPC Enabled.” VPC is a new form of networking from AWS. Because it is new, and there is currently no migration path on the backend, regions that you were deploying to prior to its release will not be VPC. Regions you have never deployed to before, if they now have VPC capabilities, will be VPC.

In the next few weeks we will be making more capabilities available that require VPC. Check here to see where you have it available, or try provisioning to a new region that you haven’t used before! If neither of those options work for you, open a ticket so our support team can help give you various options.

As always, we have had various customer facing application language and operating system and tooling updates. Read all about them in our regular release notes!

Social Calendar (Come say hi!)

MagentoLive UK, London, UK, July 14-15: Engine Yard is excited to sponsor MagentoLive, an event that brings together technology innovators and eCommerce experts. Be sure to stop by our kiosk with any questions and to learn about Magento on Engine Yard!

Functional Katas, Engine Yard Dublin, Tuesday July 15th 7pm: Meeting every month to complete a short programming problem in a functional language: let’s write some code and learn together!

Rails for Startups, Engine Yard San Francisco, Thursday July 17th 6pm: Come meet SF attorney and Startup Documents founder Leila Banijamali for a great opportunity to hear straight from the founder just how newly launched Startup Documents used Ruby on Rails to develop their MVP with a highly effective time to market engineering process. TDD and Agile abound!