Up Your Game with Fresh Ideas and New Methods at Distill

As a web developer, it’s easy to become siloed in insular communities. As we chose content for Distill, we wanted to focus on presentations that would open attendees’ minds to the possibilities of using their skills in new contexts. It’s time to defamiliarize, cleanse your palate and get inspired. Bring your existing acumen and apply it to a different medium, refresh your problem solving skills and learn something new.

Distill is not just a Ruby or PHP or Javascript conference, a cloud conference, or even a user experience conference. Developers who attend Distill will leave the event with new skills and broader perspectives that will shape their careers for years to come. By attending Distill, you’ll gain insights into best practices across a variety of interdependent disciplines (Coders, Security Architects, UX designers, DBAs, and even Management!) that will help you be more perceptive of the challenges faced by your teammates and more creative in your problem-solving skills. You’ll get the tools you need to face challenges in an informed and thoughtful way and become a stronger team member and a more well-rounded developer.

Distill will equip you with an arsenal of new methods and fresh ideas that can be reapplied to the projects you’re currently working on, from application architecture and user experience to testing and security and more. Here are some highlights:

Come learn about developing for robots in our “Ruby on Robots” session. Could there be a more different development environment than the one you’re used to?

Distill will feature a great look at statistical analysis using R to improve not only your health but that of your team by combining Fitbit data with the Github API in “Fitter! Happier! Chart your team’s health with FitBit, Github, and R”.

Another numbers game can be experienced with “Anti-Spam & Anti-Gaming Tactics”. We’ll take a look at how a site such as Digg at it’s height dealt with a mountain of spam and folks looking to take advantage their algorithms.

Finally, learn about the Internet of Things — giving real world items a presence on the web; where a “social” interaction can happen between your fridge and your twitter account, or your iPhone and a light bulb.

This is next-level stuff, and we’re proud to be showcasing these technologies.

While we certainly have plenty of web-related topics at Distill (including “Death to Cookies!” and “Four Web Technologies You Should be Looking at Now!”) we hope that these four topics will really get your creative juices going — reignite your passion for solving unique problems and creating inspired applications for the future web.

Did I mention there would be frickin’ ROBOTS? Tickets are still available - register today!

About Davey Shafik

Davey Shafik is a full time PHP Developer with 12 years experience in PHP and related technologies. A Community Engineer for Engine Yard, he has written three books (so far!), numerous articles and spoken at conferences the globe over.

Davey is best known for his books, the Zend PHP 5 Certification Study Guide and PHP Master: Write Cutting Edge Code, and as the originator of PHP Archive (PHAR) for PHP 5.3.