Top 10 reasons to attend Distill

10. The Coffee

Freshly poured coffee from Ritual Coffee Roasters, a San Francisco cult classic, will help you start your day off right and sustain that caffeine buzz throughout the conference. In addition to pour-over coffee, Ritual baristas will be serving up all your favorite espresso drinks to order.

9. The New Stuff

Discover cutting-edge technologies in the making and hang out with the people who dedicate their lives to making them. They will be imparting their expertise to you in delicious, bite-sized chunks of knowledge.

8. The Milieu

Treasure Island offers some of the best views of the San Francisco skyline. We’re serious. Check it out here.

7. The Mad Scientist

Did you know that the creator of Atari AND the founder of Chuck E Cheese’s will both be speaking? Oh wait–they’re the same guy. LIGHTNING DOES STRIKE TWICE FOR NOLAN BUSHNELL! He’ll be presenting with his son Brent on everything from education to interactive gaming.


6. The Extras

In addition to awesome content, you’ll be invited to relax on the lawn and play giant Jenga, chess and dominoes. In addition, Dr. Nic will demonstrate his infamous slideshow-roulette chops (you have to see it to believe it).

5. The Company

Hang out with the friendly Engine Yard crew and loads of other talented folks on the island. Will it turn into a Lost scenario, but with more geeks? There’s only one way to find out. (Note: we will not disappoint you at the last minute the way Lost did, we promise.)


4. The Treats

It’s always good to have a snack in the afternoon at a conference. So why not have one of the most unique snacks San Francisco has to offer, made with the power of SCIENCE (liquid nitrogen). Nom!


3. The Lineup

Robot makers, API masters, Animatronic animal creators, artists making the web a beautiful place. We’ve assembled some of the brightest minds using current and emerging technologies to do amazing things. We guarantee that you will leave Distill inspired to create something awesome.

2. The Party

Moonshine, the Distill kickoff, will be part chaos, part interactive art display and part jovial mixer. What better way to celebrate a day of learning than by sharing a few drinks with new friends at the Old Mint? Fabulous prizes will be yours for the taking.


1. The learning opportunity of a lifetime

Regret is a real issue. Don’t give yourself a chance to regret not being there…we’ll see you on Treasure Island.

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