In Case You Missed It: February’s Node.js Meetup

Recently, we were pleased to host the San Francisco Node.js/Serverside Javascripters meetup at Engine Yard. Didn’t make it yourself? Not to worry–we’ve got video of three awesome presentations given by local Node.js experts. Dig in and enjoy! 1)__Matt Pardee__of StrongLoop presents “From Inception to Launch in 4 Weeks: A practical, real-world discussion of building StrongLoop’s site entirely in Node.” This talk addresses which architecture, modules, and hosting StrongLoop chose and how 3rd-party integrations were implemented. Caveats and pitfalls are also discussed.

2)__Giovanni Donelli__of Essence App presents “Indy Web Dev/Designer Node: A case study on how to design your app with Node.js” Review how he designed and developed an app using node and deployed it to the cloud. This presentation is targeted to solo designers and independent developers out there who already have some experience in app design and are trying to understand how to take their app from a device to the cloud.

3) Finally,Daniel Imrie-Situnayake(Green Dot): “Within the Whale: a story of enterprise Node advocacy from the inside out. How we’re promoting Node.js within Green Dot, a large company with a lot at stake.” An insightful use case of Node in the enterprise.

If you’d like to learn more about deploying a Node.js app to Engine Yard, check out these resources for best practices and FAQs.