Identify and Resolve Issues through Proactive Log Management

Proactively managing logs can be critical to identifying and resolving issues within an application environment. We’re excited to announce that Logentries is now available as an Engine Yard Add-on. Engine Yard customers can try it now for free. More information about Logentries on Engine Yard Cloud can be found here.

Through Logentries, users can monitor logs in real-time and get an easy to understand view across their entire application logs. Logs are analysed and visualised so that you can make sense of large volumes of log data, to quickly see and resolve system warnings or errors. Logentries can also be applied from a business analytics perspective to understand how many users registered, logged in, made payments and more over particular time periods.

Engine Yard Cloud customers can get started for free today, including 7 days of storage and a 1GB indexing limit.

Logging metrics is vital to checking the heartbeat of your business. When it comes to logging, it helps to know what you should be looking for. For a more complete explanation of the individual logs you should be concerned with when monitoring your Engine Yard setup, view our blog post Digging Into Engine Yard Logs.

If you are an Engine Yard customer, follow these steps to setup Logentries on your Engine Yard apps:

  1. Head to (login required) or navigate to “Logentries” under “Add-ons” in Engine Yard Cloud

  2. Click “Set it up”

  3. Sign up and follow the instructions for updating your code and deploying

And that’s it! Get ready to enjoy all the benefits that come with getting more insight into your application through proactive log management.