Announcing PHP on Engine Yard Cloud

We’re excited to announce the general availability of PHP on Engine Yard Cloud.

PHP has been an important part of Engine Yard’s growing family since the acquisition of Orchestra in 2011. And now, PHP on Engine Yard Cloud represents the culmination of our efforts to deliver the industry’s best Platform as a Service for PHP developers. The result of this work is a unified service offering for PHP, Node.js, and Ruby applications.

With PHP on Engine Yard Cloud, users get a proven, robust platform on which they can both horizontally and vertically scale applications – including content, media, e-commerce, and more. As a highly configurable PaaS, Engine Yard Cloud gives PHP developers – from enterprises to digital agencies to SMBs – a wider range of instance sizes, a fully curated PHP stack, and advanced automation and orchestration features such as database replication and failover.

Whether deploying a simple Wordpress blog or an advanced MySQL-backed web application, developers get a range of control over configuration, deployment and management of their application environments, including full root access on virtual servers and the flexibility of using custom Chef recipes to control and automate entire environments, regardless of size.

Get Started With Our Lowest Entry-Level Cost Ever

We recently announced several big price reductions including a new entry level price that gives you a dedicated EC2 small instance for $0.05 per hour. That’s an average of $36.50 per month — almost 50 percent less than the original price! This means you can immediately start using Engine Yard Cloud to deploy your PHP applications at an entry level cost so low, it’s less than the cost of a basic application on Orchestra.

What’s more, if you haven’t already made use of the free trial, you can login to Engine Yard Cloud with your existing login and claim your free 500 hours to get started!

Want to try it out? Head over to our documentation and give things a whirl.

What Does This Mean for Orchestra Customers?

We plan to retire Orchestra later this year, as we have already communicated to our Orchestra customers. In fact, we are already working with some customers to help them migrate to Cloud. And if you haven’t already migrated, there are several reasons why you might want to try PHP on Engine Yard Cloud right away.

Some of the benefits of PHP on Engine Yard Cloud:

  • Choose the dedicated instance sizes you need
  • Run your database in your environment. No more third party providers required!
  • More control over your deployments
  • SSH access. Logs. Debugging.
  • Automated backups and snapshots of your environment
  • Stop and start environments

If you haven’t migrated yet, and you can open a support ticket and we will work with you on the migration. Or you can read more about our plans in the unification FAQ.


We know we couldn’t have gotten this far without the support from this community, so we’d like to say a big “THANK YOU” to everyone involved. The whole Orchestra team is now working on Engine Yard Cloud. And we hope you’re as excited as we are about the expanded PHP service with more deployment choices, increased flexibility, better management, and — as always — the industry’s best support included.

Please note: GA features will go live at 1 pm PST today.

About Noah Slater

Noah Slater is a Briton in Berlin who’s been involved with open source since 1999. They’ve contributed to Debian, GNU, and the Free Software Foundation. They currently serve as a member of the Apache Software Foundation. Their principal project is Apache CouchDB, the document database that kicked off the NoSQL movement. They also help out in the Apache Incubator, where they mentor new projects in the ways of community and open source.