Announcing Lower Engine Yard Pricing: Starting at 5¢/hr!

Today, we are announcing new lower prices for Engine Yard Cloud including a promotional >50% reduction to our entry level price. Now, for just 5¢/hour (or $36/month) you can get started with our complete cloud application platform, allowing you to focus on software innovation while we deploy and scale your app in the Cloud. This new entry price point is below the on-demand price for the bare infrastructure alone - making it more compelling than ever to get complete access to all features of the Engine Yard Cloud application platform and to our acclaimed devops and app support.

In addition to this new promotional price for our entry-level small instance size, we’re announcing varying reductions to all price points with an overall average of 15%. Some of our most aggressive reductions are to our largest instance sizes, popular for the most demanding commercial-grade applications. See all the new prices by visiting our updated Cloud Pricing page. Best of all, the changes are effective April 1st, 2013 so the new pricing will be reflected in your upcoming April bill.

While we continue to add new features and make our cloud architecture more flexible, we are also excited to extend cost reductions as we grow and scale. We hope to give you the industry’s absolute best value with an incredible feature set and unmatched support. We’re also excited about the continuing pace of our growth thanks to new customers seeing the benefits of our application cloud and our awesome existing customers continuing to innovate and scale their apps with us. Our wicked devops support (as we’re often affectionately referred to as) continues to stand at the ready as a part of your team and our development team continues to bring you new capabilities every week (check out our new blog series, “This Week at Engine Yard”). With these new price reductions we’re reinforcing our dedication to giving you, our customers, the absolute best value with Engine Yard Cloud! Not using Engine Yard Cloud yet? Try it absolutely free for 500 hours.