This Thursday: Come to our Mobile Development Panel

One of the best features of building a mobile application using HTML5 is its flexibility. As it is platform agnostic, development cycles are shortened and overhead is lowered what with engineering teams focused on fewer code bases. What’s more, as mobile bandwidth becomes cheaper, faster, and more ubiquitous, the need to download and install an application will become more arcane–the much lower barrier to entry afforded by web apps is more attractive to developers and users alike. And despite the ease of updating apps with an integrated app store, both users and developers benefit when changes are permeated to everyone instantaneously. Whether you have a new mobile application in the works or have an existing app that will eventually beg for a mobile component, this is stuff you’re not going to want to miss.

Best of all, we’re partnering with Twilio and Amazon to talk about building awesome mobile apps this Thursday at Engine Yard HQ. Register for the event here. Can’t wait to see you there!